Employee expenses

Give back to your team

Sorting out your employee’s expense claims is always a real-time sapper, and can prove hard to work out what should be included. You need to find the benefits that work for your business, whilst also staying attractive to your team members who receive them. Your record-keeping is vital to maintaining a healthy balance between what your team can claim, and what they can’t.

We’ll help run through the right rules on expenses, helping you choose the correct benefits and streamline your processes appropriately. We’ll take the work off of your hands, understand the various costs involved, and balance them against each other.

Whether it’s through a share scheme, salary exchange or a PAYE scheme like a PSA (PAYE Settlement Agreement) we’ll find the right solutions for your business. We’ll make sure that your records are kept properly, thus reducing your compliance burden, and saving you money in the process.

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