Policies, procedures and authorisations

Control and authority

Putting a control and authorisation process in place is often ignored in the early days of business, as it can be seen as stifling to growth and instead apply an unneeded level of bureaucracy to your affairs. You’ll quickly change your mind when disaster strikes and there is no process in place to prevent it.

Key to the success and security of any growing business, are the policies, procedures and authorisations put in place to ensure certain actions can only be undertaken by the right people. When someone attempts to make a fraudulent payment, you’ll be pleased you took the time to set up a policy that no payments above a certain amount can leave your bank account without a director’s approval.

We’ll help you to find a solution to your policy and procedure problems, giving you a process that will work for your business. We’ll be on hand to assess the current risk and control framework of your business and suggest ways to tighten things, up without impacting fluidity and growth.

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