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09.00 – 17:30

Monday to Friday

35-37 Ludgate Hill

020 3290 7302

Experts in business, not just accounting

Helping you maximise profits and minimise inefficiencies

- Annual business reviews as standard
- No unexpected fees; fixed monthly billing
- Specialist advice whenever you need it

The new age of accounting

Your finances at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere

- Cloud accounting gives you access to your finances 24/7
- Outsource your operations to us, we'll ensure things run smoothly
- Move your business in the right direction, we focus on the future

Specialists in all things tax

We're much more than just tax returns

- Structure your business to increase profits and improve cash flow
- Make your business more attractive to investors through EIS/SEIS
- Here to assist and file your VAT and corporation tax returns

As well as understanding how the business has performed historically, it’s crucial to appreciate where you are heading. We can map out what the next few years are going to look like and work together to smash every target. Perhaps more importantly, we’ll help you to truly understand your cash flow and identify future shortfalls. As the old adage goes, cash is king!
Taxation is a key yet daunting area for any small business. One wrong step can lead to headaches, lost reliefs and worst of all, phonecalls with HMRC. With Leap in your corner, all this goes away. We’ll ensure you maximise reliefs and minimise the dreaded tax bill. We’ll also ensure everything is filed in a timely manner.
The financials of any business tell a story but all too often no-one gets to hear it. Our management accounts will provide a better understanding of what is driving your profits and maybe whats slowing it down. Armed with this, you can focus on growing the business while we get your statutory accounts filed.
From bookkeeping and expense management to payroll and invoicing, Leap provides the key processes to ensure your business runs smoothly and efficiently. Time is perhaps the most underrated resource of any small business. Leap will bring it to you by the bucket load.
Running a business is a journey from start-up to exit and we want to join you. We’ll be available at every step to advise and guide you on the key choices that will impact the future of your business. From raising new finance to selling your business, we know our stuff.

The Cloud is the Future

Time is perhaps the most valuable resource of any SME and it should not be wasted. Hours spent processing transactions are hours not spent focused on the strategy of your business. Cloud accounting software minimises manual tasks and provides valuable insight to understand the past and make better decisions for the future.

No two businesses are the same and cloud-based solutions recognise this. Through the integration of third-party apps, we can help you design a finance function to provide the services you need and avoid paying for the ones you don’t. Debtors slow to pay? We have an app to help. Want to better understand what’s driving your sales? There’s an app for that too.

The world is digitalising and your business shouldn’t be any different. Ditch your archaic system and join the cloud today.

Why Us?

Why Us ImageAt Leap Accounts & Outsourcing, we believe the days of the old-fashioned accountant are over. No more should your accountant turn up once a year to hand you a set of accounts for signing and an invoice for paying. In today’s modern age, an accountant should be pro-active and forward looking, helping you to identify areas in which your business can perform better.

Leap is not an old-fashioned accountant. We don’t just want to help you meet deadlines… we want to work with you to help your business grow.

An all too common complaint from small business’s is that they only hear from their accountant when a deadline is looming. Not us. We provide a business health-check every six months for all clients to review how the business is performing and how we can help it improve. And if an unexpected tax issue arises or you’re thinking about raising some cash to expand? We are always available to lend an ear and offer practical, effective solutions. We believe clients should pay for the value we provide, not for how long we spend on the phone to you.

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