R&D Claims

At a time when cash is more crucial than ever, Research and Development Tax Credits can prove to be a crucial cash injection for many small businesses, many of whom don’t realise they qualify.

We specialise in R&D tax claims and will ensure you reclaim the maximum amount available in a timely manner. To speak to Steve, our in-house specialist, email steve@leapaccounts.com


As well as understanding how the business has performed historically, it’s crucial to appreciate where the business will be in the future. We help our clients to plan for the future by developing a monthly/quarterly/annual budget for discussion during our business reviews.

As our cloud accounting systems provide live data you can be sure next years budget is based on the most up to date information

Cash-Flow Forecasting

Everyone knows cash-flow issues are the potential downfall of any otherwise great business. Leap can produce live cash flow projections and working capital requirements to highlight when shortfalls may occur or when the business has spare cash to utilise elsewhere.

If a shortfall looks like its heading your way, we’ll be there to advise on the best way to deal with this.

Business Plans

If you are looking for further funding or investment, we can help. Leap has the capability to produce business plans to any level of detail to succinctly demonstrate to potential lenders/investors why the decision to lend/invest is a wise one.

By using the very same management information we provide you in our quarterly business reviews, we can build a document that shows a third party exactly why you’re going to succeed.